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Naughty Ava Devine Gets Ass Fucked


Ava Devine is one of those naughty, sort of nasty girls that you know when you look at her that she will take it in the ass. What you may not know is how much she enjoys a good ass fucking. This scene from My First Sex Teacher has her trying to be prim and proper, but soon the students cock is in her pooper and she’s cumming hard!

Ava Devine is the Dean at a very prestigious University and she calls Xander in to her office. People have been complaining about Xander’s appearance. It’s not up to par with University standards so Ava makes him strip off his clothes and when she does she notices Xander’s huge dick. Ava gives Xander an ultimatum, she can either punish him for disregarding University standards or Xander can fuck her ass and Ava will forget all about his misconduct. Xander chooses the obvious option and tears into Ava’s tight asshole.

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