Destiny Hot Massage and Anal Fuck

anal fuck

Anal fucking as a result of a massage is always a good thing, plenty of oil to lube things up and plenty of rubbing to get things going. Destiny shows up to rent a room in Mike’s Apartment, and she was more then down with the ass for rent policies! In fact, she was more than willing to put her ass right into it. This scene is a pure out and out fuck, not subtle here, and this girl takes that cock in her ass like a champ. You can tell she’s had a hot anal fuck or two in her life, getting her ass fucked hard and gaped. The finish is amazing too, it’s an upside down ass to mouth 69 with her legs in the air wrapped around his head, and her upside down sucking his cock and getting his load off his cock fresh out of her ass. This girl is a wild one, I bet you she would be fun at a party!

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