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Sunny Marie Anal Sex For Greek Trip

sunny marie anal

Some girls will do anything to get what they want, and in the case of Sunny Marie, she will let the teacher do her Greek style if he will take her on the school trip to Greece. Well, it’s time to put out girl!

Sunny Marie really, really wants to study abroad in Greece, but she’s not sure if she’s qualified, so she speaks to her professor, Mr. Cash. He tells her that there’s only room for one more person to go, and that the competition is extremely stiff. But Sunny loosens it up by making his dick stiff and telling her teacher that she’ll let him fuck her in the asshole if he lets her sail the high seas to Greece!!! Bon fucking voyage, Sunny!!!

Another virgin ass taken to get to Greece, what a noble cause for a great ass fuck for this hot student! Sunny Marie anal is hot, this girl takes it up the ass like a champ!

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Schoolgirl Veronica Gets Ass Fucked After School

When some high school seniors finish class, they go and hang out with friends, or go home to study. Not 18 year old Veronica, this sexy Russian schoolgirl knows better ways to pass the time before her parents get home – having her new boyfriend fuck her tight teen ass! This girl has a really hot body, some nice bigger tits, and a round, full ass that just needs to get fucked. She is very good at convincing her boyfriend to do the deed, he really gets into pumping her plump rump deep and hard. She cums hard repeatedly as he just totally fucks her ass into submission. The best part? She’s going to want it again tomorrow too!

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