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Cleaning Lady Tina Gets Her Pooper Pounded

Having to work on the weekend can sometimes be an advantage. This guys comes in on the weekend to find the new cleaning lady hard and work, and checking her out bent over scrubbing the stairs is giving him a boner. Nobody else is around, and he decides to make a move and see if the cleaning lady wants to get dirty. This girl is all for it, and they get right into it on the stairs. He doesn’t waste any time either going for her tight back door, giving her a truly spectacular ass fucking in multiple positions before going ass to mouth for a nice facial cumshot finish. The cleaning lady ain’t so clean anymore, I guess!

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Kristyna Gets Assfucked By Her Insurance

You know the old story, “I got ass fucked by my insurance company”. Well, this time out, Kristyna uses that ass fucking to her advantage. She had a major accident that pretty much wiped out her car, but the insurance guy doesn’t want to give her much for repairs or a new car. Well, she is willing to do anything to get a better settlement, and the adjuster pretty much figures that out fast enough. When she realizes that just giving him a normal fuck isn’t enough, she slides his cock deep into her ass and lets him fuck her tight rear hole for a long time, and he is loving it. Finally, he dumps a huge load of cum on her face ass to mouth, and agrees to dump a huge check for her too! Now that’s using your ass to get ahead!

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Hot Morgan Moon Gets Cornholed

Morgan Moon is a curly haired hotty with a nice body, and a sexy attitude. She says she got a late start in life on sex, and now she is doing her best to catch up. I guess by catching up she means getting fucked in the ass and going for a solid ass to mouth cumshot, while masturbating with a vibrator. This set from Anal Stretched is just off the hook, this girl is into it big time and is loving that fat cock up her ass. She rides that thing hard. When it comes time to cum, the guy pulls out of her ass, Morgan starts working her pussy with a vibrator, and he spews a big load in her mouth and her on face and tits as she cums again from the vibrator. Wild ass fucking fun!

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Schoolgirl Barmaid Assfucked in the Bar

Sometimes I find some truly hot ass fucking, but the scene is so strange I can’t figure it out exactly. Here is their odd description:

Our local pub is getting more and more popular, especially since there is a new bar maid working there. She is blonde, prefers to dress up like a Catholic schoolgirl and when all the other customers are gone you can expect a real treat of her!

So basically, schoolgirl barmaid ass fucked in the bar. Okay, forget the setup, it’s odd. let’s just go with schoolgirl ass fucked on a table pile driver style. Yeah, that works for me!

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